Sunday, November 22, 2015

Blog News: Whats ahead next week!?

Over the past few years I have started MANY different forums and blogs about a variety of topics, but over the past year I have focused more on only 2 of them,  "A new Me" & "Life".  Therefore, I decided to take some of that information, update it, and more it to one of these blogs; deleting all the old content as I go.

I decided that I would share one topic at a time over a few days or the week to keep information flowing and posts not so long!!  Hope you all like it and come back to read more... and of course share your journeys as well!!  (We always love to hear what you think)

Next week I plan to share posts from an old blog, "Papa's Garden" with you all.  These are post about how we decided to build our very first fish pond in our yard and the things that we learned along the way... the good, bad, and ugly of the whole process!!

We really loved doing this and I hope you all will love it too; and learn how to do your own if you'd like along the way!!

>> Building a Fish Pond: Getting Started