Monday, November 23, 2015

Christmas Movies Favorites

Seems like every channel you turn to has Christmas Movies playing, they're taking over and its not even thanksgiving!  I know, I know... I sound like Scrooge, but I'm not!  I just don't like them on almost every channel this soon. By the time Christmas gets here, I'll be burnt out! (Lol)

There are a few Christmas Movies that I do watch EVERY year!  Do you?  You know the ones that no matter how many times you see them, the still make you laugh or even cry!!

Here are a few that I play every year that I have already seen this year or plan to watch soon...

I just noticed Home Alone is coming on tonight on AMC.  This is one of my favorites.  We watch this movie every year as a family!  It plays at 7 & 9 pm EST.. So, gotta get the popcorn ready and get comfy on the couch!

Charlie Brown's Christmas... Airs Nov 30th on ABC.  Can't wait!!

Christmas with the Kranks.. Haven't seen this advertise yet, but will definitely watch it.  Tim Allen is hilarious!

I love true stories (not only on Christmas), but at Christmas its always nice to watch movies that show the true meanings of life & the holiday.. Christ & family.  Retailers and businesses have turned the holiday into one huge money-racket and we often get wrapped up in gift giving and events or the stress of it all.  These movies remind us to take a step by and remember\cherish what's important. Hallmark, UP,  & Lifetime have a few of these that pull on the heart-strings that I watch yearly! 

The Heart of Christmas.. This aired over the weekend on UP.  A true story about a little boy named Dax.  *get your tissues ready if you watch this one.  I've seen it a few times over the years, but I still needed mine.

November Christmas..

A Dog Named Christmas.. Which airs again tonight on Hallmark.

These are just a few that come to mind because I've already seen them this year or plan to soon, but there are so many more that just don't come to mind at the moment. What are your favorites?