Sunday, July 5, 2015

Giving Kids Chores

 In my previous post  "I'm Under Construction" I listed a few things that I wanted to work on to become a better all around, NEW ME ...

  • Getting Everyone Else Doing Chores to help lighten the load on myself
  • Getting Out into the Work Field to Look Something in my Degree Field
  • Loose Weight & Have More Confidence in Myself
  • Be Healthy & Happy!
  • etc

Some of these things have a domino affect..  I can't have free time to look work on my day off if I have to stay home and do housework & laundry all day; therefore, starting with getting everyone to help out is a great place to get started!!

To start working on this I looked for one of my old &  favorite websites, Goal For It; they have the coolest Chore Chart System for FREE, but I couldn't find it! UGH they must have closed down the site!!!

In my search I came across a post on Everyday Family called Goal For It: Teaching Kids Responsibility which referenced using Goal For It charts for chores & behavior.  However, it also described how much easier it was to get the family involved in doing chores & how much of a difference it made when their behavior was apart of a reward system as well...  This would be AWESOME!!!  My kids fight like they hate each other ALL the time!  After reading the article/post I hated that I couldn't find the Goal For It site even more, but knew chores and responsibilities had to be put into writing.

So, I searched Google to see what I could find to get some ideas and came across a printable system on Gael's Crafty Treasures.

The chart will work well for my youngest daughter, I believe!  It has the basic chores with addition ones that are helpful.

I really like the Rewards Charts and it will work perfectly with my youngest, I just need to tweek it a little for my teenager (lol).  

I really like how the Reading is added in and rewards are given.  She has been diagnosed with Dyslexia ; therefore, reading is EXTRA important at our house!  I plan to print and use these rewards even if I come across another chore chart that I like!
((Printable version :
The STORE chart is also a great addition... 20 tickets a week are possible just on the Chore Chart without the extra rewards.  I think it's great to add small things that can be bought with them to have fun and make a child feel accomplished & rewarded for helping out and being responsible!! :)

Over-all, I think that I am off to a good start!!  I'm going to print these and get started tomorrow!!  I might have some irritable children the first week or two, but hopefully this will get me closer to my next challenge in my life by helping to free up the time I spend doing everyone's chores!  :)

I'm Under Construction but the foundation is being set!!

**Has your life been changed by adding chores and rewards in your family??  Tell us!!  If you have any idea's that could help me or someone else out; please, share them in the comments!!  

Have a Great Day!!!

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