Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Creating Memorable Moments

Graduation is almost here, only 8 days away... such a bitter-sweet moment it will be!!  Been busy trying to make plans for a party; and planning a 13th birthday party for my other daughter as well.  It has been a hectic couple of weeks and it will only become more hectic as the time gets closer.  So, I am SO sorry I have been MIA lately.. just been swamped, to say the least!

These week has been crammed packed with school events and I feel like I haven't had time for anything else.  Last week, My youngest had her Spring Band Concert on Wednesday night, then Thursday we had Senior Awards/Scholarship presentation ceremony, and a school dance for my youngest daughter on Friday (was so excited because it's her 1st).  However, in the mist of all the chaos I find myself less stressed and more-so feeling so thankful for my beautiful daughters who I am so very proud of!!

Been renting buildings and trying to figure out creative ideas on decorating for these events today and there are so many ideas flooding my mind that I'd like to do, but I know I can't do them all.. lol!  It's bitter-sweet how on the same day, one of my daughters will become a teenager and the other will be walking across a stage to receive her diploma!

I was looking at some ideas on Pinterest this morning and came across this one that I think I may go by with the school colors behind the cake table..  I think it''s super cute!! Her school colors are White, Light Blue, & Navy so I think this will be pretty, hopefully!!


Checked out Party World this morning and even though the local store was sold out of a few things, I found just about everything I needed!

Just have to get my food list and what's needed written down where I can get it all the week of or before...

Parties are expensive (lol), but it only happens once and I want it to be nice and fun!!

Well.. I just wanted to check in and share some of the excitement with you all, but I need to get some more planning and creative ideas completed before my only day off has ended!

Hope that you all have a great day!!

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