Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Woman's Worth

Women, we have to take a stand! Our self worth is not valued by how many likes our latest selfie can get. Young girl, do you not know your value? You do not have to post half naked pictures on google plus, facebook, tindr, or whatever social media site it is that you use the most. 

Lately, every time I get on my google plus home page I see a lot of different posts. I am having posts with half naked women with their butt cheeks hanging out or selfies by young women in different communities that have to show their cleavage or their butt. I also see women my age or older that are posting pictures that are provocative or leave little to the imagination. 

I do want to say, I get that you are only young once and if you have a rockin' hot body then you should flaunt it. I'm saying there are tasteful ways to do dress yourself up so that you are not degrading yourself or think that your value is defined by how many men think you are "hot". Whether we like it or not people make snap judgments about who they think you are everyday. An example of that is this exact post.....does your value or self worth come from taking pictures of yourself with your cleavage or butt cheeks showing to see how many likes you will get or how many men will hit you up? I hope not, but that is how it looks.

When you devalue yourself that way you are throwing all boundaries out the window. The men you will attract will not have your best interests at heart, they will only take and so many women do not realize this until they are older and wiser. You are of value and you are beautiful!You are special to, don't forget that!

I know there is a double standard out there in the world. There are some strong female role models out there that show there are ways to be feminine and classy at the same time. You are of value, your mind is valuable, your heart is valuable and the little idiosyncrasies that make you who you are, that is where your value your heart and soul!

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