Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Building a Fish Pond: Getting Started

Here is some information from an old blog, "Papa's Garden"  that I thought I would share with you all this week.  Hope you all enjoy...

About 4 years ago, my husband came home from work and said that he wanted to put a Fish Pond in our yard; and he had a plan of what he wanted.  We already had a small hard plastic garden in the front yard by the rose bushes, but he did not want to put it in the same spot. The plan was to fill in the current pond and decide on a new location.

After some thinking & planning we picked the spot we wanted to put the new one at.  I could picture incorporating the pump house into a small wishing well which would look amazing beside the fish pond, surrounded with a beautiful combination or flowers.  **I have an old bucket that's going to look awesome hanging in it!!  BUT it all had to get finished first!!  So, it was time to get started!

First off we had to get an outline of what we wanted.. This is my husband digging a small chunk of the shape of Fish Pond..

Sure am glad that this was his idea.. so I didn't have to hear about it the next hour or so ((lol))!**This took a while!  But he got some help!  :)

Once it was the depth that we wanted it.  We had to make sure it was cleaned out the best as it could be so that the liner didn't get punctured by any roots and there weren't big clumps of dirt!  If you are planning to build your own, know that this is quite time consuming!!

Finally, it was cleaned out the best it could be.  Sorry the picture is blurry!  Now it is time to get it lined with the liner of your choice and get your fishy's swimming!!  :)

Next Step: 

Step #2  Adding the Liner: