Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mesmerized By Its Beauty

The last few years I have watched this flower grow and it still mesmerizes me every time!!  It grows in layers and it is truly amazing how the layers are different colors and how beautiful it is when it is finished.  They multiple as well and that is always a great thing, my aunt said that's what happened with hers; but when they did they changed colors.. that is really cool! She has two different ones in her's that are huge now, this one and another that blooms orange and yellow.  I think the yellow and pink are prettier though! I really wish I knew what they were called where I could plant some of these in my yard!

They start out like a bunch of little diamond shapes and then one layer at a time the diamond shapes become petals... check out the different stages of the growth and see how amazing it is as it happens!!

 Isn't this cool?  I sure think so!!!

If anyone happens to know what these are called please let me know because as I mentioned, I'd love to get me some to go around my pond!  Thanks.

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