Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Magic of Friendship and an IEP

Yesterday, I had my son's IEP meeting at school and it went well. I had to throw some base in my voice because one of the people at the IEP meeting wanted to use her "stern" voice with me and I let her know quick that I was not going to tolerate it. I am so proud of myself for doing that, there have been IEP meetings in the past where all I could seem to do was blubber and cry. 

Anyway, there are some great strategies that we, his teachers and I, are going to put in place in hopes that it will help my son. The big thing this year is getting him ready to transfer to middle school. That is a huge step and I am kind of scared. We are going to be going to a 6th grade orientation and the teachers will be taking him out to the school and he will meet the teachers and do a walk through so he is familiar with it before attending next year. 

The best part of the whole meeting though was I found out my son has a friend. Robert doesn't have any close friends and being on the autism spectrum it is hard for him to make friends. But my boy has a friend. Her name is Destiny. How fitting! The teachers said it is so cute to watch them together because Destiny is an aggressive little girl and Robert is not aggressive and the teachers said they balance each other out really well. They say he kind of blushed one day when asked about Destiny so they don't really say anything to him because they don't want to squash their friendship or make either child feel uncomfortable. Robert's social skills are growing and getting better. I still see him struggle some but he is getting there. Oh, happy day, my boy has a friend......