Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hysterectomy Survivor

Now comes the blog post I know you have all been waiting for... Life post hysterectomy! 

It has been two weeks and four days since my surgery to remove everything but my ovaries. The surgery went well, there were a few complications but nothing too horrible. The worst part about the surgery was the swelling, gas, constipation and the enormous purple and black bruise that is on my stomach. The bruise covers the whole bottom of my stomach from the belly button down. 

Before I had the surgery I was really very nervous. I prayed for God to guide the surgeon's hands and make them steady. I personally have a hard time with anesthesia. Anytime I am sedated I wake up crying but I have heard that happens to some people.  

Overall having my uterus and cervix removed hasn't been too bad. The most annoying side effect is the pressure that I feel on my bladder or pelvic area. I have been reading articles about this the last few days. Apparently, the pelvic floor muscles are weakened after a hysterectomy and Kegel exercises and losing weight are the best way to get this "under control". There are possibilities of UTI infections (urinary tract infections) but I do not think that is my issue. I have noticed that if I drink water and I watch what I eat the pressure issue is not bad at all. I made the mistake of slightly over eating a few days ago and I paid for it dearly for two days. I will be going back to my doctor next week so I am definitely going to ask to be checked out for a UTI and make them aware of the issue that I am having.