Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Knowing there is HOPE

After an annual meeting to discuss my child's IEP (Individualized Education Plan) at school, I was
left worrying more that my daughter may not be getting everything she needs through school.  She in 6th grade and reading on a 3rd or lower grade level.  Her dyslexia  really plays a huge part of her reading and writing skills.

She is SO smart!!  If we read her the information, she has no problem giving us a detailed correct answer to the questions.  However, if she has to do it on her own she spends SO much time trying to get the words right, that she doesn't get 5% of what she read.

During this meeting I was told how the state doesn't allow them to read information on End-of-Grade Testing and reading aloud couldn't happen as much in the classroom either.  She's in Middle School now and things change, but why is it that the State can't see these kids still need help even though they are older, the diagnosis is the same!!  It is so frustrating to a parent with a child who is struggling!

Her teacher told my to search LD Online (www.ldonline.com) because they have a lot of resources that could help.  I came home and went to the site and it is filled with resources that help educate and give ideas for teachers and parents.

I was Inspired by this video, Michael's Successful Summer, that I found as I searched for new ways to help my child with her Learning Disability.  The little boy (in the 1st video) has Dyslexia & it showed how his teacher in a great summer program was able to help him with decoding.  I wish we had summer programs like this where I live!!

The video's in this series on www.ldonline.com discussed many cases of dyslexia that really helped me have hope that things will get better.  I just need to find ways to her her learn in her own way... Now I just need to figure out what ways that is!! 

Differentiating Instruction

A child with a learning disability can become detracted, lost, or confused when in the classroom.  The curriculum or the definitions can be easier to comprehend by these children/teenagers if they are taught differently.  I came across a great tool for Teachers on how to teach differently in order to engage students with different types of Learning Disabilities .  In the video it discusses different ways of learning for these kids. Teenagers discuss there disabilities (Aspergers, ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum) and how the different strategies have changed their learning/school experience.. making their future brighter!

How are you smart?

Many kids with disabilities are VERY bright; yet, they are labeled as stupid in so many words.  I have seen this with my own child's struggles.  She is SO smart; yet, she has poor grades & there always seems to be a focus on what she can't do instead of what she CAN!

The information I have read and watched has given me hope.  The children/teenagers on the video series above have shown me how these students found better ways for them to learn their way and are inspired for their futures!!

I know there is HOPE that my daughter will eventually like to read, or at least be able to do it enough to get by.  BUT getting by just ain't good enough; so, my search for games and other fun activities that help her learn; and programs to help her .. continues!!

Do you know of any places that could help??