Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Toothless Me

In June I was telling you all about how bad my teeth had become, and how my next visit was going to be somewhat drastic... I was dreading it in so many ways!!


Your smile says a lot about you, many believe.  I think it's true and it also plays on your confidence when your ashamed of it!

Pulling my 4 front teeth weighed heavily on me for all the months of other dental work that could be done first.  However, when Friday came, I was sort of looking forward to the last phase of getting all these bad teeth GONE!!

BUT... Now I'm TOOTHLESS and not digging it AT ALL!! (lol)

I have to say these were the most painful part of them all, it seemed.  Probably because it was 4 teeth at once and because they were in the front of my mouth... I really didn't consider how hard it would be to try eating anything for a few days. (lol).

Since Friday my diet has been nothing but soft foods.. I'm really getting tired of this too!

However, I'm glad that they are gone & I could move on to the next step in having the smile I've missed for so long!!