Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Lost Colony

The most fascinating story I have ever heard is of the Lost Colony. No one knows what happened to them and there is a lot of speculation. This story has made my home state of North Carolina famous and there are always new discoveries or artifacts found and it gets tongues wagging again about what happened. Even with these discoveries, we are still not close to solving this age old mystery. 

As a North Carolinian, I have my own theories. My favorite one is that they merged with a local Native American tribe. Of course, most people believe this theory because of the letters "CRO" carved into a tree. It is believed that the colonists took up with the Croatoan Indians that were indigenous to the area. I know this theory is blown apart by a lot of skeptics, but there is a tribe in North Carolina called the Lumbee Indians. These people are Native American and guess what, most of them have blue eyes. My old middle school music teacher was Lumbee. I know I need more solid proof than the whole blue eyes thing but to me it is plausible considering the clues left behind. Lumbee are not federally recognized in our state, only the Eastern Band of Cherokee and I'm not sure why, but if this interests anyone, there is a ton of material and research on this subject.