Monday, June 15, 2015

What's in a Smile

In past few years my teeth have become horrible!  They used to be almost perfect, no cavities or breaks; but once they started to get bad... They done it in overdrive!

I often wonder what caused the issue, but regardless it's done.  I used some whiting gel from the dollar tree a few times and when my teeth started breaking and decaying it was at the gum, I wondered if the gel oozing out at the gum did it.  However, I knew cigarettes could have played a huge role as well.  Now I see all the ads with people loosing their teeth and I know, but don't want to admit it.

Its been bad over the past year,  the two in the front appeared to be hanging on barely and becoming really black with decay.  It become an embarrassment to smile and I grew paranoid of people seeing them when I talk.

I have gotten used to not using my top lips or covering my mouth with my hand... Its horrible!
With no health insurance and living paycheck to paycheck I dreading even attempting to go to a dentist because I knew there was no way I could afford to get it all fixed.

A friend suggested the dentist through a clinic based on your income, still I knew it would get costly because now the two front teeth had become four that were horrible.  So. I knew I had to do something fast!  I made an appointment, but it was going to be over a month before they could see me.

My first visit was a few months ago and they have really done work.  In didn't realize that I had so many teeth on the top that were bad, but they were!  I've had 5 teeth in the back pulled so far and the 4 in the front will be gone when I go back in  August.

Once these are gone, I will get fitted for a partial.. Kinda sad that I'm not even 40 and I'm gonna have false teeth!  But, at least I'll feel comfortable smiling and talking again. 

I think the worse part of it all is having to go a few weeks of healing before I get my teeth.  I can't imagine them not being there, even if the are horrible like they are!

What's in a smile, really?  I never thought much about it before my teeth were bad, but now I know it affects you more than you'd ever think!!  Confidence, missed memories, and so many other things are the affects when your ashamed of your smile..  Well, at least it has been this way for me!