Friday, June 19, 2015

Insecurities are Our Weaknesses

Last night I was playing poker on an app on my tablet, and it was like no other time. I have played with rude players before, but never one that was trying to be hurtful emotionally.

When I sat down at the table he was calling some people "donkeys" for some reason, then calling me one as I won a hand against him, but I ignored it. As time went on there was a hand that I said " why did I fold" and he had a ignorant response that I once again ignored.

He started going all in on his turn EVERY hand, which is pretty annoying!! So, one hand I called him with not-so-good cards... And won BIG (lol). It was sweet!! Lol

Well, he was pissed and said... "F U you FAT B****!"

.... Being me, I took this really personal!!

Why do people feel the need to try and hurt someone else's feelings?  Does that really do something for them!?

Anyways, my husband was sitting at the table as well, and needless to say he said what he wanted to say!  Not right!  BUt it was nice to know he had my back  (((Big smile))).

He tells me all the time that I should not care so much about what people think or even say.  But it's hard, especially when its with friends/family/people I come into physical contact.

The dude on the game couldn't know I were fat because all he can see is a face which is hard to tell ((lol)), but because it is one of my insecurities, it touched that spot! 

Insecurities are our weaknesses... Things that we are so self-conscious about; and when someone brings-up anything similar to the subject, we think it's about us!  Sometimes it is, but a lot of the time is isn't!

I really need to work on this myself!  I am so self-conscious and it affects me in ways that I never knew.  BUT it is something that I am working on! :)

The guy last night just caught me off-guard.. So Rude!!  I just blocked him so that I don't see anything he says.  Best way not to expose myself to his stupidity!!

I know we all have our insecurities, but PLEASE don't let them become a know weakness to others.  This only allows the cruelties of this world to affect you in ways that are not healthy.

I'm guilty of this, I know!  I'm sure we all are at one time in our lives, but don't allow them to reflect who we are.

Find out what your insecurities are and work on them, one at a time!!  Believe in Yourself, you can do anything you set your mind to doing.. If you truly set your mind to it!!

Hope you all have a great day!!