Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tuesday Morning Weigh-In

Good Morning, Everyone!

Well no weight-loss this morning, but NO gain either!! :) I figured with the way last week went and my friend visiting for the month (my cycle) that there wouldn't be no loss.  However, I was expecting a gain and that wasn't the case; so, I am happy about that!

My schedule recently changed and I have an extra hour in the mornings to work with; therefore, I am hoping to make the most of it and exercise a few days a week (at the very least).

I few months ago I purchased The Firm's burn, sculpt, and tone DVD with resistance cord at the Thrift Sore for only $4.99; and I think it's about time to give it a try!!

I have the The Firm VHS tapes with the Fanny Lifter; and I loved those, but when the VCR went out I never purchased another.  I hope that the new DVD is as easy to do but still works!!

Wish Me Luck!!

Have a Great Day!!! :)