Sunday, January 18, 2015

Acknowledgment is the First Step!

For a while now I have been avoiding her...

I don't want to hurt her feelings by telling her how off track she has allowed herself to get in almost every aspect of her life.  But she needs to know:

  • How she has allowed herself to fall back into that dark hole by letting the stress take over.. I hate it when she allows it to run her life when its out of her control.  Or is it?
  • How she has allowed old eating habits to creep in and take over again.
  • How she can't focus on what lies ahead or the things that are here in the moment.
  • How un-engaged of a wife and mother she has been lately.
  • How she has lost her vision of what the future holds.
  • and How much disappointment has entered in my thoughts of her lately!
Can I tell her these things!?  How will she react?

I have been avoiding her because I know she knows all of this, but once I bring it up there will be so much more to acknowledge; but I know I need to say it, and hear it too!

I've been avoiding seeing her looking back at me; acknowledging that I have let myself drift off the road I want to be on!

Her, the girl in the mirror,  needs to be told to stop barring herself in the stress of the things she is unable to change.  Set new goals and achieve them. And make the most out each day she is given.

... I think I'll have that talk tonight!

                                           ~ *Acknowledgment is the First Step!