Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Feeling IT!

Lately I've been feeling 'IT'  .. and by 'IT', I mean the laziness and the UGH feeling of being overweight!!

I want to get started on a weight-loss goal and get it accomplished again; but I am just NOT motivated AT ALL!!!  I just don't know why because I know that I need to get on the ball and get it done!!  This is not healthy and I can see how much it REALLY does weigh on you physically, mentally, and medically as well.

I'm wanting to get started, but I do so much better when I have someone to help motivate.. this in return motivates me!!  Anyone interested?

I've been considering starting a group on FB or somewhere to help others and myself be motivated and feel better about ourselves!  I know there are others who are walking in the same shoes that I am and I want to help!

I am so tired of feel 'ugh'.. I just want to get it DONE!! I want to feel energized and healthy; and I know that's NOT going to happen until I DECIDE that I am going to do it!!

If your interested comment on this post or like it; and keep a look out because I will updating things and trying to get something going by the 1st!!

.. "Stay Focused and Believe in Yourself!!"