Friday, January 31, 2014

Does Weight Hinder Who You Are?

A uniform is what I wear 6 days a week, PJ's on my day; and hardly ever wearing jeans.  Today I decided to dress nice and meet a friend for lunch, and to my surprise none of my jeans fit comfortably anymore!

This is such a disappointment.. I lost the weight, and have gained every pound of it back!  Just seems like it all came back in different places (lol)!

... When I was this weight before I never realized how lazy feeling almost depressing, having little to no energy, not wanting to do much of anything fun, and how grumpy I felt! BUT.. I remember all-to-well these days... since I gained it back.

You never realize how much weight hinders who you are until you loose it and gain it back! It's so hard to get the right mindset and shed the pounds, but it is so rewarding when you do!

... The weather is cold and it's hard to want to get outside once I get home, but it is time to get my butt in gear and drop these pounds!

I have been feeling 'sick' for weeks  months now.. wore out & drained; and I know that some of it is my hectic schedule, but a lot of it is my weight!

I do not want to be on medicine for blood pressure or other issues that weight plays a huge part of; and I want to be comfortable (have something to wear) when summer gets here, I want to be able to run and play with my kids outside, and I want to like what I see when I look in the mirror!

Getting back into many of my old habits & wearing this baggy uniform has allowed my weight to creep back up on me without me even realizing it; but I did it once and I can do it again!

... If I "Stay focused & Believe in myself"!

... So, there is no time like to the present to get my plan in gear and get it done!!  Are you with me?