Saturday, April 13, 2013

A free Ab Machine.. Must be a sign (lol)

  So.. today my neighbor was out in his yard and called me over to ask me if I wanted a piece of equipment that he no longer used.. Exercise equipment.

  "Hummm".. I thought, "I don't necessarily WANT it, but YES I NEED IT! (lol)" Then, naturally  like anyone who is self conscious of their weight does, I wondered if he was calling me fat. (lol)

  He explained that (lol) "10 years ago he would keep it, but he was too old to be on that thing".  I guess everyone has something that has an insecurity in some form.

  I told him I would take it and try it out... But I wanted to know a little about the machine itself and how to use it; you know, I don't need no injury (lol).

  I think it's an older machine because this is the only video that I could find on the Body by Jake's Ab Scissor machine... check it out!

It looks like it could work.. and I think I will give it a try! I will let you all know the results.. (lol)