Monday, July 31, 2017

Sex in your 40s

Love Making after 40

Making love after you have turned 40, I believe changes!  What do you think?  I mean, I am sure that this probably don't relate to every one 40 or over; but I think it was different in my 20's, 30's, and now the dreadful 40's!  

In the 40's, for me, it's more about that feeling of "making love".  However, I am a married woman that has been with her spouse in the teenage years, 20's, 30's, and now the 40's.  The definition of "Making Love" has changed along the way.  

I'm curious.. If you are in your 40's, think about it... has making love changed for you, The definition"?

In the 20's most people that I know who have been married in these stages and even those who haven't, most are more spontaneous and passionate.  In our 20's (or newly in a relationship) making love has it's own meaning to fit the times.  Yet, now in our 40's we tire easier, aren't in the shape or as healthy as we once were (many of us), and let's face it we have so many responsibilities that things have just changed.  Is it just me? 

Same with the 30's... added life changes and growth in the relationship will change the meaning of "Making Love".  Well, it did for me at least.

Now that I am 40, that meaning has really started to form itself to the actual true meaning.. Love!  Yes; most of the time when my husband and I "make love" it isn't what I am describing above, but when it is, it is.  I really hope some of you know exactly what I am saying, and could put it into words better than I can.  What's you take on this? 

Making Love now that I am 40 is more about the intimacy than sex... Would you agree?