Thursday, June 8, 2017

Priceless Moments

There are Priceless Moments in Life, moments that will live in our hearts a lifetime!  Many of these moments most people can relate, but some everyone can not.  I got to experience a priceless moment today that I know I will treasure forever, because I didn't think I would ever get to.

Last year, I watched my oldest child, my daughter, walk that wonderful walk at her High School Graduation.  This was a Priceless Moment that many other parents can relate, that moment when we see all their hard work pay off... and all of ours!  A moment we all look back on and reflect on it differently, but treasure because of how special it truly was!

Other moments many parents experience, others envy and don't ever think that they will get to experience... that's life right?!

When my oldest daughter was in elementary school it was breeze.  She was quiet and done pretty well in most subjects.  She struggled with reading a little, got help, and done fine.  She loved school because it wasn't a huge challenge and the teachers loved her because she was quiet, not disruptive,  and cute.  On Awards Days I was always that mom who felt proud when she got her awards each and every year.  They are moments that I will treasure and smile whenever I look back on them as long as I am able to remember.

However, my youngest daughter started school on a completely different, lol!  The 1st day of school she was on RED, which was one step from the Principles office and calling me.  I thought "Oh My Gosh, she's going to be like her dad when it comes to school. I better buckle my seat-belt! LOL".

We held her back in Kindergarten because she wasn't quite ready.   We began to see her struggles with Reading early on, but even with lots of help she was still struggling more than we all thought she should be.  Over the years we have been down a long, and difficult path trying to overcome these struggles with NOT a lot of success.

Last year we had a series of testing and appointments that lasted a good year.  When it was all over the Doctor told me that she had a Learning Disability called Dyslexia, among other stuff.  During our conversation he actually came out and said, "I don't think she will ever be able to read and comprehend more than she can now".  Fist off, it pissed me off that he had the balls to come out and say it so bluntly; but more so I was scared.

Awards Days over the years were different.  I wasn't the same mom I had been with my oldest, I was the one hoping that they would call her name where she'd feel like she done good.  The first couple years she got class certificates, but she never received one on the stage at the ceremony.  It was heartbreaking after a few years pasts because she really did try her best and didn't understand why she couldn't get one too.  As she got older I stopped making her go to school on Awards Day, as I had planned to do today!

She is in 7th grade this year.  She still struggles just as much as she did before, but she still tries just as hard!!  She's had one teacher that has truly pushed her this year out of her comfort zone and her grades & confidence have been up.  Last night, she gives me a pare inviting me to Awards Day because she is getting an Award.  She was excited, as was I.  I asked her what Award she'd be getting, but she didn't know!   :)

So, I re-arranged my schedule a little to be able to attend the event because it was going to be a first, a proud moment for her; and me too.  I thought about it a few times last night and this morning, wondering what the Award was for.  I assumed it would be a citizenship or character award, because she has a huge heart and she is such a helpful kid (at school that is lol). BUT she's excited and that's all that really matters.

Today, I sat watching and celebrating all these wonderful 7th graders success.  Something that many of these kids won't recall when they are my age, I know I don't remember mine. LOL   However, I know all their parents will.

When they called her name, I was proud but I was relived as well.  Who says hard work don't pay off!  I was proud, obviously, for the same reason the other parents were and the same as when my oldest would get an Award; but it was priceless!!

Those of you who know us can truly get what I am saying; and hopefully many of you know and have lived what I am talking about! :)

... Just wanted to share a special moment I had and hopefully bring a smile to your face today.  I hope Life gives you a priceless moment to treasure til the next one comes, memories to store for later days to bring smiles to our faces and love into our hearts!!