Monday, June 5, 2017

Love & Other Strange Things

So, here I go again, trying to write about what I feel.

A couple of years ago, I met a man and he made me laugh again and for that I was grateful. We began to date and he had such a good heart and treated me with such care and kindness. I kept thinking he might be my rebound because he was the first man I dated after my divorce. Oh, how he made me laugh. He told me he loved me and I cried. I wasn't sure if anyone would say those words to me again. 

I thought of my innocent days before the world tried to beat me into submission with its nonchalant carelessness. He made me feel like that girl again, that sweet innocent girl, that had a wild imagination about what her life might be. Maybe if I had met him while I was young we would have had a chance to really shine or I could have avoided a lot of heartache. Mistakes are what life is about. Without mistakes there would be no lesson. 

He isn't my boyfriend anymore. We both felt that something was missing. I felt it, I didn't realize he did too. Oh, he is such a great man; he has character, honesty and humility and I have searched the world over to find a man that possessed these qualities and I finally did and love fizzles out. Was it ever love to begin with? I think he and I both got comfortable because we wanted someone to share our lives with and we were not connecting on a deeper level.