Wednesday, May 17, 2017

13 Reasons Why: Season 2

Netflix's Controversial Series "13 Reason's Why" has been announced for a Season 2.  Season 1 stirred up conversations and had much anticipated back lash as well!

My oldest daughter (18) binged watched the entire series over a two day period, she was hooked.  She continued trying to talk me into watching it over the course of about a week.  Honestly, I had not seen or heard much about it and only knew what little she had told me; so, I decided to see what it was about.

**Suicide is NEVER the answer!!!  If you or someone you love needs help please visit    
or contact someone at the suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255

To be Honest, I was conflicted on my feelings at first as I watched...

  • Why make a show where a teenage girl commits suicide?
  • Why would someone record tapes and pass them after they did?
  • Why would these kids pass them along to the next person, allowing them to hear what part they had played?
  • Will this glorify suicide in someone who isn't mentally stable?
  • How could these kids know the harsh things that were done and what crimes others committed and keep their secret?
  • Why so graphic?
However, I myself was hooked.. couldn't wait to be able to watch the next episode to see how it would unfold!!  I watched Season 1 in a weeks time, after work and on my day off. 

My heart broke for Hanna and the other characters as well; and I related to the way she felt as I recalled events from my school days!!

This morning I heard a news story about a High School who had recently had 6 suicides... WOW!  The show came up and almost seemed to be accused of glorifying teen suicide.  Personally, I don't think 13 Reasons Why glorified suicide in any way!!  I believe it reflected the harsh reality of the way kids are treated and how some handle it.  

In my opinion this isn't a show for kids younger than High School, I'm on the fence here because some scenes are gory and hard to watch, even as an adult.  If these weren't this way I would have sat down with my 14 year old and watched it with her... Just because I think it is a way to start the conversation with teenagers and hear how things are at school and online for  them; and allow parents to talk and encourage them as well.  Just my opinion, would love to hear yours!

Season 1 ended with so many cliff hangers, which makes me wonder where it will go in Season 2.  I have a bad feeling that Tyler is planning a hit list or school shooting and I hope if this is the case, adults are paying more attention because of what happened to Hanna and stop him!

I don't think that Alex tried to commit suicide, I think he was shot by Tyler... just a feeling on how things unfolded.  However, I'm also not convinced that Alex was the teenager who had been shot on the ambulance they briefly showed off at a distance in the scene.  

I hope Jessica gets the help dealing with what happened and Bryce needs to face consequences for his actions as well.

What will the Brewers do with the audio recordings that Tony gave them... will they be able to listen and how will they hold themselves accountable for the signs they missed?

So many directions the show could go and so many conversational pieces that could be opened up for parents/kids with it!!

13 Reasons Why tacked one of the most difficult subject matters, suicide.  The CDC reports that suicide is the 3rd cause of death for people ages 10-24.  This is shocking and scary.  The show may not be a good idea for people who are mentally unstable or suicidal, and I do believe that kids watching should be accompanied by an adult to add much needed conversation. 

We all have had times where we felt alone or hurt by others and I think the show allows parents to get an idea of how much harder it may be today.  A way to feel the need to talk more and educate themselves about the subjects that we sometimes don't want to think about because they are so horrific.  I know it really made me think and want to talk to my kids about things more.

Have you seen Season 1 of 13 Reasons Why?  What are your thoughts?  Do you want a Season 2? What direction do you think Season 2 will go?  I can't wait to hear what you all think!!!

**Suicide is NEVER the answer!!!  If you or someone you love needs help please visit    or contact someone at the suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255