Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Post Divorce

Life is still hard sometimes when dealing with an ex-husband. He is not seeing our son and not paying child support. We went to court recently and he and his wife voluntarily signed over their state tax return and she was livid! Instead of gloating over this, it makes me sad. Our son has asked several times to call his daddy and we have both tried and now his cell phone has been turned off. Really? So I had to call his wife and the response that I got was he has his phone turned off and as for the other (speaking to his son I guess is what she was referring to) you will be getting a letter from us, well our attorney. A few days after this I ran into him and he actually didn't have her with him. I told him our son would like for him to call him and he told me that his phone was turned off and he was going to get it turned back on. Our son still has not received a phone call. I don't understand why he didn't go home, ask her to hand him her phone and then call our son and say hello. I don't get it?! Why is he doing this? Why is he abandoning our son?