Saturday, May 13, 2017

Graduation Party Idea

Last year, this month, I was playing a graduation party.  Decorations, food, family and friends all coming together to support my baby girl for Graduation from High School. Lots of parents right now are going through this bitter-sweet time as Graduation is coming all so fast.  The Smiles, Tears, and Memories that accompany this special time are priceless and should be cherished forever, time fly's by so fast.

I noticed today that my post during this time last year, recently has been getting a lot of attention,  A New Me: Creating Memorable Moments.  

I was searching for a balloon creation that I wanted to do and blogged about it; however, upon reading it and looking around I'm not sure I ever showed my Blogging Community what mine ended up looking like...

So here it is...  Looking back I wish that I had went ahead and done an entire arch, but it turned out GREAT!  

The School colors and a hint of being creative!  It was the personal touches that made it special.  Not too costly for decorations and fun to bring it all together.  After all, It's the little things that we remember when looking back.... so lets make those count!!