Friday, January 13, 2017

Social Media & Relationships (**Adult Content - Graphic Ideas and Language present**)

As I am writing this another relationship somewhere in the universe bites the dust. When did we as a society get so self involved? Why do so many young women feel their "self worth" is wrapped up in how many likes one can obtain on a picture posted on social media? Social media has been the death of a lot of decent people doing stupid things to get attention. Stop the insanity! 

Have you ever noticed how no one genuinely interacts with others in our society today? People in general are always staring at their phones especially in waiting areas. What happened to generating a little small talk with your neighbor? It has been replaced with playing games or scrolling some social media page. We want connection, but don't want to put in the effort for it. 

My biggest problem with social media is the way my gender presents itself. I understand that you are only young once, and my motto has always been if you have a nice body then flaunt it baby because you won't have it forever but there is a limit to that. Women and young girls, your self worth should not be wrapped up in how many likes you can get from your social media page. You do not have to show your breasts or clitoris to be appreciated for the woman that you are or will be someday. I understand ladies because I am your sister. As long as you degrade yourself the only type of men that will deal with you will be men that are sleazy and want you to send pictures of yourself to them. It doesn't take much of imagination to realize what they want to do with those pictures or what they will be asking you to do next. The question is how do you feel about yourself? 

 How would you feel if the person you were dating was mutually masturbating with another person on video chat? Let's be real, this is the type of thing that is happening everyday all across the world. Some random person sends your significant other a friend request and then proceeds to talk to them and then things get out of hand. How can any of us expect any type of honesty from others when shit like this is happening? Then there are the men and women who actually find people and physically cheat thinking there is no way they are going to get caught? Are you stupid? What is done in the dark always comes to the light. Haven't you heard that saying? Why are we doing things like this to each other? Maybe there is no moral compass anymore.