Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Life has a sense of humor. 

When I was aged 18 to 35, I thought I was invincible. I would never grow old and I would live forever. The confidence of youth is beginning to subside and the wisdom of age is beginning to grab hold. I think about how my mind has changed along with my body. My mind is sharper than ever before but my body is beginning to need light maintenance. I can't eat Doritos and drink Mountain Dew for breakfast. I actually haven't done that in years, but I did it a lot in my 20's. I could survive on 2 hours sleep and be bright and bushy tailed the next day with no bags under my eyes.

I think about loved ones that have passed away like my Granny. She was 93 and her mind was still sharp. She was a lot slower than she was in her 60's but still got around with the use of a walker and she didn't start using that until she was 91 or 92. She told me once the secret to growing older was to always keep moving. She had a marvelous sense of humor about what time does to the body and I only saw her upset once in regards to the aging process. That one time was mainly about something she could not do for herself at the moment and I helped her with it and let her know that I did not mind and it was okay to need help every once in a while. 

I know this is a bit morose, but I have been to a couple of funerals lately and it is bringing me way down. I realize I will die one day and I don't want to think about it at all. The thought of leaving my children to fend for themselves in this jacked up world scares the hell out of me. What can you do? No one gets out of here alive. You make the most of it.....go skydiving, sing in the shower, dance in the rain. Do what makes your soul sing.