Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christmas Depression

The Holidays are a time of Joy and laughter for most, but many people suffer with depression during the Holidays.  A time when those who are sad become sadder, people who are financially struggling struggle even more, and those who have lost loved ones often can't get over them not being with them during the Season.  It's sad, but happening all around us!

Personally, I have never been a fan of the Holidays because I have also been in financial dis pare and coming up with extra money to give my family a great Christmas is a real struggle, although somehow, it always works out!

The past few years have been hard at the Holidays since my dad passed away.  My mom struggles with depression and it is always worse this time of year since his death; however, she has still shopped for the grand-kids, wanted the tree up, and wanted all the decorations in and outside.  This has been a little annoying the past 5-6 years, kinda, because she's disabled and I get to be the one who does all the decorating (and taking it back down afterwards) and all the hassle of shopping that comes along with it all.  I know I'm sounding a little like Scourge, but I really dislike it (lol)!  However, this year is different and I'm not sure what to do!!

This year at Thanksgiving she didn't want to come to my house to eat, she didn't want to have a plate, and just sat in the house all day acting like it was just another day.  It's  3 weeks till Christmas and she says she isn't going nowhere to celebrate.  She hasn't bugged me about getting the tree and decorations out, and she hasn't said anything about shopping.  It's sad!!  Even though these things bug me year-to-year, I miss doing them in a way because they make her a little bit happier this time of the year!

Since my dad passed our family just isn't the same.  Everyone used to gather and exchange gifts they were thoughtfully bought with love and keep in touch all throughout the year.  The past few years I have watched my mom go in debt more and more buying everything she things the grand kids want and buying dinner for us all a few of those years, which she can't afford living on her fixed income; but she lives to see those smiles and make us happy... if only for one night!  However, for the past 3+ years that's all it has been... 1 Night!  No one returns the gifts that came with thoughtfulness, if she even gets one in return, and then NOTHING the whole year afterward.  No one calls on birthdays, mothers day, or at Thanksgiving.  She was hospitalized last year then to rehab for a  while and only seen 2 of them once over that whole two months time.  Yet at Christmas she still still went all out as usual, but with less in return and it's almost Christmas again and she hasn't seen or heard from anyone almost a year later.  It is truly sad and heartbreaking to watch!

This year she's sad, sadder than I have seen her in a very long time; and I don't know what to do.  This Christmas Depression she is in is unreal, yet I understand how she could feel unloved, unwanted, and like she doesn't matter to so many that she loves SO much; and just wants to feel like she matter too!

This depression that happens this time of year, for so many, is sad and unfortunate!  As a family member, her child, I have to do what I can to assure she's not in a dangerous depression and that she knows that I love her, and  do everything I can to make sure she has as happy of a holiday that she can with everything else considered!  I think that's all we can do, other than seek help when we know it's needed.

So, Please, this year make sure that your watchful for this Christmas Depression that truly exists and assure that those important to you know they are.  Know the signs and seek help if someone you love needs it.  AND if there is someone you love that feels alone, let them know if nothing else... They have YOU!!  Don't let Christmas Depression win this year!!