Monday, November 14, 2016

The Parking Space

I know my name is not on a particular parking spot, but we are human and are creatures of habit. If you see me park in the same place everyday, you can assume that parking spot is mine. Now, move your damn car!
The weirdest anomaly is happening to me, it has always happened to me. Every single time I start parking somewhere at work, at the grocery store or the local dollar store people begin to park where I do. Now, these places that I park, no one is parking there or anywhere near it until I begin to use the parking space or spaces. Then it's like everyone sees me parking there and they begin to do it to. 

A prime example of this is at work. Before my truck died I would park in the back of the parking lot under a group of trees. I have parked there for eight damn years. During the winter, nobody would park beside me or anywhere near my truck. Then the summer would come, and everybody would park beside me or if I didn't get to work early enough someone would steal my park. 

Once I got my car, I decided not to park under the trees anymore. I parked somewhere different, now as usual, if I don't get here early enough, someone steals my park. So this morning I parked under the trees again. Let us see how many days I can park under the trees before somebody gets this new parking space or by some coincidence want to start parking where I park.