Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Different Politic Views

Do you have different political views on candidates than your friends or family?  Does it make you reflect on your view of the candidate you've chosen or look at friends/family differently because of theirs?

One week from today will be the "big day", the day to vote for Our Country's new leader.  I have to say the Country seems divided on who they want to lead us into the next few years!  I HATE POLITICS, personally.  I am almost 40 and I have NEVER voted!  It doesn't seem to matter much really, every vote doesn't count anyways, just electoral.  However, this year I am strongly considering voting for the first time.

 I received a voter thing in the mail today with a link to a site that better informs voters on candidates and what they stand for.  I was shocked to learn the base salary for the U.S. President is $400,000 per year, with a $50,000 pay per year for speeches/etc. and another $50,000 for expenses/etc.  WOW, $500,000 a year!!  That's more than I could make in a lifetime (lol, maybe 2)!!  I read each of the candidates want to accomplish if they win and their answers to questions about the economy, immigration, jobs, and other things.  However, I'm sure they had someone from their PR team properly word it all for them.

My problem with politics is that every election year we hear candidates promise for change and what they are going to do; yet, once they're elected they don't do what they say they were going to.  However, I know congress and other obstacles often derail plans and achievements, but sometimes they are saying what we want to hear not how they feel (in my personal opinion)!

This election has been more talked about than any other that I can recall... the candidates are so different and their views are so different as well.  Both (Hillary & Trump) have been trashed in the media and by one another for months.  Yet, both have good points on different topics they both have opinions on others that I totally disagree on, personally!

The past few weeks as the time nears and early voting starts, more people are expressing their opinions on their candidate of choice and especially on the one they don't!  Getting on Facebook has become a political headquarters for trashing the candidates they don't like and so forth.  It's irritating having to scroll two or three times down the news feed just to see what your friends are talking about that isn't related to politics!  You learn your friends/families views on things and what they believe.  It's encouraging in some ways; yet, scary in other ways!

Personally.... I wish there was another candidate to choose from because I think this Country will be worse off regardless of who gets it!!

As a women and mother of two daughters I would like my girls to see that a women can be ANYTHING they want, even the President of the United States!  However, some of Hillary's views worry me when it comes to how things will continue to be regarding immigration, ISIS, and other issues that our Country faces today.

AND as a women and mother of girls I am DISGUSTED at the comments that Trump has said about and did to women, our veterans, and U.S. Citizens with disabilities...  and I don't want that type of leader leading us into the future.  He's a BULLY, in my opinion, and a little risk-a with his comments on nuclear weapons and war.  However, he's not in no ones pocket (so to speak) and has good points on some other topics.

I have listened to my family and friends and it has me reflecting on my views and theirs as well.  I'm not sure who will get my vote yet, but I believe I need to cast one in the 2016 Presidential Election.  So, I'd like to hear your views on each of the candidates.. no bashing, just true points and concerns please!  Do you think this Country is ready for either one of these candidates?  I'm worried it may not be, personally!!