Friday, October 21, 2016

Only at Walmart

Tonight we had to go to Walmart, which is a place that I have started to dread going lately!  It's Friday night and therefore they are packed, as usual.

We walk in and first thing we see a lady... she looks like she just got outta bed and hasn't brushed her hair yet.  In her pajamas and walking about like it's no big deal.  (lol)  I don't know about you all, but I am not wearing my PJ's no where except at home!  It kills me how many people I see in the stores these days in them!!

We decided to get something quick to eat before we got a few things in the McDonald's that they have inside at this particular location.  While we are eating a family comes in with 3 small children, each of the kids look to be under the age of 11 or 12, youngest maybe 4 or 5,  and they all are a bit over-weight for their age.  I try not to talk much on this issue because a lot of kids don't outgrow their baby fat till they are older and it is their parents business how they raise their own.  However, they sit beside us and distribute their food that they ordered so they can all eat, and I'm a little shocked at what I see!  Each kid has a 10 piece nugget, large Fri, large soda, AND a double cheeseburger.. WTH!?   I mean, I am full grown and it is hard for me to eat a double, small Fri, and large soda all at once.  Don't they know how many calories are in all that food?  Don't they worry that these eating habits will only become worse as they get older?  Don't they think about how much food that is for small kids to be taking in at one meal?  It's just mind blowing to me.  I mean, when we allow our kids to eat that much at once we are only hurting them, in my opinion.  Maybe it's just me, I don't know!

So, while we are sitting there eating, my husband says "look at this guy".  I look over at him as he is leaving Walmart with a few things and I am even more shocked!!   He is holding a small child who appears to be around 1 and she only has a diaper on with a small throw wrapped barely around her.  The other child, probably around 3, is in the cart in a T-Shirt and no pants, with nothing more.  They are going out the door where it is a misty rain and turning quite chili.  I'm shocked as my daughter looks at me and says, "Mom, them kids are gonna be cold, aren't they.  Won't they get sick?"  I didn't even want to respond to the ignorance that I just saw, to be honest!

Finally it was time to get a few things and get outta there.  However, as we walked through getting them I thought to myself how people just don't care what they look like anymore when they go to Walmart.  (lmao)  I seen so many people with the craziest outfits, half dressed, ass-cheeks shinning, and hair looking like it had been in the electrical socket.  I know I don't get out much, but is this really become the norm!?

At last we are out to the parking lot, finally!!  I really needed a cigarette (lol) and my husband doesn't smoke and I don't smoke in his truck... so, as I am standing there smoking a cigarette before we leave this guy walks over with a bag talking about samples and asks what type of perfume I usually wear.  I answer him and he pulls out this perfume outta the bag, which was filled with different kinds.  He sprays it in the air and asks what I think!  I said it was okay and he goes on to ask me how much I think I spend within a year on it... lol I kindly said "Not much because I don't normally wear it a lot".  He then puts it back in the bag and says have a great day and walks away.  i guess he realized that I wasn't buying what he was trying to sell my in the Walmart Parking lot!  If I wanted perfume, I would have gotten some while I was inside shopping!!

Only at Walmart, I told my husband as I got in the truck to leave, will you see that much shock within an hours time!  (lol)  It's crazy how little people care these days and don't they know they are on camera while they are there.  (lol) I wouldn't leave the house looking like half of the people who were there shopping on crammed pack Friday night!

*Just thought I'd share my experience with you all because I was truly shocked!!!  Any of you have any similar experiences when out shopping?  Does this only happen at Walmart lol ?