Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Sound of Helicopters

It's been a week and the sound of helicopters are still a daily norm in our area, not so much as it was, but still daily.  Last weekend it seemed as though that's what we heard most of the day.  People being air-lifted off the roof of their homes outta flood waters, out of their cars that were flooded in the streets, news channels viewing the area, and the cost guard rescuing and monitoring the area.

Hurricane Matthew really hit North Carolina hard!!  Edgecombe County and all it's surrounding counties are devastated, and many still under water today.. a week later!  So many Farmers lost their crops, live stock, and equipment.  It's sad to see all the families displaced and still in shelters, not knowing where life will take them next.  Many not knowing what their homes even look like or what they have left to go back to.  Yet, so many have put it all in God's hands and know that they will be okay eventually.  It's encouraging to see that they still have their faith through all the devastation.

The water in our yard was the worst I had ever seen, I worried that it would come inside as the rain continued to come down so hard it was hard to see out across the fields in front of my home last weekend.  It covered our steps and almost came in; thankfully, it never did!!  It did mess up some of our duct work and we had to turn off the AC until the water went down, but it could have been much worse!!

It's like a maze in this area of North Carolina as roads are washed away and communities are still under water.  Schools were closed all last week and are closed tomorrow as well.  Schools are being used as shelters for residents whom are displaced because their homes are still flooded and have no place to go.  It breaks my heart!

Disaster relief areas are set up every place you look and helicopters are flying all around.  Sometimes it feels like we are in a war zone with all the army vehicles that we see as we venture out on errands.  24 people in our state lost their lives, but not because they were trapped in their homes.  Almost all of these people were swept away while driving or walking in flooded areas, which is extremely sad because the news repeatedly asked us not to do these things!  I pray for those families through this tough times.

Hurricane Matthew was supposed to turn away and not hit us, people let their guards down and weren't prepared.  I had a feeling and kept telling everyone not to underestimate this storm, I just had a gut feeling it would be bad.  It devastated our  state and it will take months, if not years to recover.

I'm thankful that my family wasn't impacted like so many others.  Especially those who had already lost everything back in 1999 when Hurricane Floyd  hit and flooded some of the same areas, and they have to relive the nightmare all over again as they rebuild their lives.

People are stealing from homes that have been left and it is horrible, that's a reason why these helicopters continue to fly over monitoring and why army personnel are standing guard in neighborhoods.  It sad-ins me and also makes me angry!!  It takes a sorry person to steal from people whom have lost almost everything... but I believe in Karma!!!

So for now, I assume the sound of helicopters flying over is the norm that we have to get used to until this nightmare gets better!