Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Faith In Humanity

My faith in humanity has been restored. 

This year, my youngest son is entering middle school and I am terrified. The reason for my terror I think stems from my own horrific middle school experiences. He is my baby and I cried when he went into Kindergarten as well. It's different this time. Kids can be so cruel when they sense weakness in a child who may struggle through puberty or maybe once again that is me reliving my painful experiences in adolescence. Anyway, you guys know what I mean, some kids are going to be little snots to other kids regardless and that is the way the world works. 

This school year, I decided being proactive in my child's education would be paramount to his success. I contacted the middle school and sent the Principal an email. He redirected me to the person who would be taking his position as the new Principal this year. She actually called me!!!! Can you believe it? This is a first for me. I explained the situation and asked to meet my son's teachers, meet the Principal and tour the school before open house. This is a huge deal and I think it will help my son to become familiar with his surroundings so that he transitions well to his new school this year. The Principal informed me she has worked with students on the autism spectrum before and she understands that having him meet everyone before the first day and taking him on a tour of the school will hopefully help him have an easy transition into middle school. 

This is huge people! Huge!