Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Could It Be Magic?

I thought this blog could use a little bit of cheese today...........

I love anything that has to do with England. I must have been British Royalty in a former laugh, I mean life. I am a huge Take That fan, well, I still like them even though Robbie and Jason are gone but that is an argument for another day, so take that. 

When I was visiting London in the summer of 2014 I looked fine on the outside but inside my heart was breaking. When I am going through emotional turmoil that is when I seem to see things more clearly. I was thinking of the lamp posts type lights that were at a type of intersection on the street that I was staying on in West London. Below is a picture of the front of the Bed & Breakfast. 

It is the black and white poles with those lights at the top. What is the official name for this type of light? Is it called a street lamp? Not sure. At night and during the day they flash when a car comes near them and they make a type of buzzing sound as well. I have a great memory associated with those lights. 

At night, at about 2am I would sit on the front steps of this establishment and I would smoke a cigarette. Those lights would blink if I can remember correctly and sometimes not, but they did make a slight buzzing sound when vehicles approached and the lights blinked. Anyway, I would sit on the steps, listen those lights, listen to the traffic whooshing by and I would hear the thump, thump of the tires of an approaching vehicle. It was like the city had a pulse and this radiating energy that I could feel, see and hear. I want to write a short story about it but not sure of the direction yet.