Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Guns Kill in the Wrong Hands

I haven't been this angry in a LONG time...

I think it's more the fear that made my attitude change in a blink of eye!! I was standing at the counter in my local Verizon store when it happened!  I was trying to get my daughter's new phone that she got for her birthday activated and my phone rang...

My friend on the other end of the phone asked, "Did my daughter tell me that another little girl (12) brung a GUN out of the house to ask her and my friends children to leave her yard!"  NO-WTF!? Is what wanted to come out of my mouth, but I had to remember where I was!  I let her tell me briefly what was going on and I told her to give me just a minute to call her back!!  My heart and mind were racing faster than I ever thought possible!!

On Friday one of the worse things in our Country's history happened, a gunman walked into a night club and shot and killed 49 people and injuring over 50 more!!  For what reason?!  Speculation is that he was anti-gay, which I haven't seen evidence of yet, but it's highly possible!   Regardless, TOO many innocent people lost their lives but of ignorance and hate!!

I didn't see much of the media footage Friday because I was too busy after work throwing a Birthday Party together to get a chance to see the news.  Yesterday I watched it before work and more information had come together about what happened.  This was a horrific tragedy!  My heart breaks for all involved!!  Then I get this call which made me realize, just how wrong the situation could have went due to a wrong choice.

In the wrath of tragedy in Orlando the news and all the talk is about GUNS!  In the ripple affect, that gets everyone talking about their 2nd Amendment Rights!  This happens EVERY TIME something happens like this.

Yes, there should be some discussion on the automatic guns that are meant for WAR!  Why does a just anyone need one?!  They are meant to do damage and alot of it.. no need, in my opinion, to be in public hands!

I think the discussion needs to focus more on keeping guns out of the wrong hands!!  I know you know people who are unstable and should NOT own a gun!!  I know I do!!  Common Sense has to have a role in these decisions!

When I finally got the story of what occurred  with my daughter, I was thankful for a good outcome.  However, I couldn't help but to thank how horrible it could have went.

A 12 year old should never have access to a firearm, especially when there is NO parent home!!  They should know that guns aren't playtoys and that they can kill someone!!  They should know that even if you want someone to leave your yard (children especially) that there are better ways to handle that!!  They should know that even if they THINK that the gun isn't loaded, it may have one in it!   and They need to know consequences!!  If parents have guns their children should know how respect one; and they should be taught what is inappropriate use and be kept out of their reach!

The shooter on Friday in Orlando should not have been able to purchase all of those guns!!!  His ex-wife stated he was a sick person with domestic violence history, his co-workers/ex school mates stated he had hatred to all types of people because of the race, religion,  and sexual preferences; and most of all he was being watched for 10+ months by the FBI of terrorism!!  Shouldn't all of this information be available to show the BIG picture!!  He didn't need a gun, especial one that shoots off so many rounds at once!!  I know we all want to have our privacy and freedom, and I feel the same, but I also want to know that when, someone who obviously was being watched for reason by the FBI, buys an automatic riffle and other weapons and tons ammo within a short length of time.. that FBI can see a flag and help prevent these horrific tragedies!!  I know it's way easier said than done, but possible!!

Guns Kill in the Wrong Hands!  It did in that Mass Shooting because evil had guns in his hands and that child pulling a gun with my daughter and her friends should have never had access to a gun either!

Emotions are strong when there is hurt and fear, but instead of the same old discussion about banning guns starts again, we should start the discussion to keep guns out of the wrong hands!!