Friday, May 13, 2016

Bigger Issues Should be the Focus

I've stirred clear of the whole Bathroom controversy that has been in the news for weeks months now, but I think it is going a little far!!!

Schools that receive funding now have to apply to the HB2 Bill or they won't get funding?  REALLY!!??  I think that instead of putting all of this push into something that limits to a handfull (if that many) of kids, who were more than likely already using the restroom of the gender they refer themselves to being, they should focus on EDUCATION!!!  We have bigger issues than bathrooms that should be addressed.

My child struggles in school, yet I don't see all of this attention being focused on helping the 100's (probably more like 1000's) of kids like her that are trying to get a proper education.  They don't even have even school books to be able to bring them home to study, and so parents can help them better understand what teachers don't have the time to do properly in the classroom!!

Not only does the issues that they choose to get fired up over, piss me off, but the fact that this allows some little boy who just wants to get a little peak in the girls locker room where one of my daughters may be... really makes my blood boil!!  How can these people not see that this issue could be so unsafe on so many levels!?

Don't get me wrong, I don't want kids that are transgender to feel left out of discriminated against; but how many school age kids are transgender?   I mean I believe very few and I honestly think that this should be decided when they are old enough to really understand the choices they are making anyways... just my personal opinion!

I mean when I was younger I was 100% Tom-Boy.  I did not like girly things, I wanted to ride my skateboard, jump ramps on my bike, build forts in the woods, and get dirty!!  I had more guy friends than girls and I loved it...  Today, if I were a kid doing these things I could be influenced that I wanted to be a boy; and make it happen!!  Just saying!!

North Carolina is getting a lot of heat because the Governor don't want to be forced to be apart of this law... businesses are taking money elsewhere, concerts & sporting events are being cancelled, and all types of other financial means that are needed in the State... and what for!?  Last time I checked there isn't anyone at the door of the restroom carding us to see what gender we were born!!!  I just think that this Country has BIGGER & MORE IMPORTANT issues that needs their focus!!

Sorry.. Rant over!!

*If you'd like to see the video of the ABC11 news broadcast about this threat to our school system's funds due to this HB2 bill, check it out at ...