Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Remember to Take Care of Yourself

First, I'd like to apologize for being slack on posting BUT The past few weeks have been chaotic, to say the least!  As you all know, from a previous post, my mom has been in the hospital/rehab.  However during this event I also discovered I had some health issues occurring of my own!!

I went to the dentist to get a filling done and for some reason they had to check my blood pressure before they could, which I found odd because I have never had them do this in the 2 years I have been going on a regular basis.  They hooked me up to the machine and it finished.. she said "hmm lets check it again because it's a little high".  She asked me to uncross my legs and she proceeded to check it again, and it went up; so, she said let me give it a few minutes and we will recheck it, maybe I was nervous! I had issues with it a few years ago but didn't stay on any medication but a little over a month.  That time I had a splitting headache and felt like crap, but it wasn't even close to what it was saying that day and I felt fine.  I sat there chopping it up to something being wrong with their machine!

 About 30 minutes went by and she returned to the room and hooked me back up to the machine to check my Blood Pressure once more and it was a little higher...

224/116 WTF is what was running through my mind at that moment.. that is crazy high!!!

She went out and the doctor came in to explain that he couldn't give me the medication for that procedure and that we would do something else that visit... and I needed to get my BP under control before I could make another appointment!!

When I left the office that day, honestly I was still thinking that their machine was broken!!  I mean, How could it be that high and I not even have a headache!!??

I'm not one who goes to the doctor!!  To be honest I haven't had a checkup since my 6 month checkup after having my youngest daughter... and she'll be 13 in a month 1/2.  However, after telling a few people what the machine said and hearing their reactions I thought I should at least get it checked again and maybe make an appointment to get it checked out!!

The next day I had to carry my mom a few things so I decided to stop at the Walmart Pharmacy and see if they could check it for me, and they did.  BUT there must have been something up with their machine too (lol) because it was 210/110.. not good!!  However, they were also using the machine and I wanted to get it done manually.  I did decide to call and make me an appointment though, but they said they weren't able to get me in until Monday and it was Wednesday!

After visiting with my mom I decided to stop at my local drug store because the pharmacist there has taken my blood pressure a few times before and does it manually; and I was secretly hoping it would be much lower and I could cancel the appointment.  He checked it for me and it was 204/110 and he began to lecture me about how dangerous it was and how I was in stroke range with it being that high, which scared me a little bit!  He advised me to call the office back and tell them I had it checked manually and what it was, and ask if they could see me before Monday!  I did that when I got home and they worked me in the next morning.

The next morning when I went to the doctor it wasn't as high as it was, but it was still too high; but by the time the doctor entered the room and rechecked it was back up there!!  He put me on a medication to lower it and gave me some tips that could help.

The first few days on this medication I felt like a drunk!!  However, after it got into my system I felt better.. I didn't feel as blahh and tired like I had been feeling for a few weeks before.  So, it must be working and I felt things were back to normal!

Its been about 3 weeks since I went and haven't had my pressure checked, but I felt it was helping .  On Thursday my mom had an appointment to see her doctor since she came home the week before and I asked was there anywhere I could have it checked at the clinic, just to see, but there wasn't.  The doctor told me that she'd check it for me but wouldn't be responsible.

So... she checked it out and  surprisingly it is still running too high 194/98 (no as bad).  She told me that with me taking my meds a few hours earlier that it shouldn't be and I should call the doctors office and let them know.. GREAT!  So, I did and the upped the dosage so I have been feeling drunk ago the past few days again (it sucks).  I was also told to come in one day this week to get seen.

I'm hoping that they get it under control soon because it is concerning!!  It's scary to know that it is still running high and putting me at risk of some major health issues, and I wonder how it got to this point without me knowing.  It also gives me a wake up call because I should have been going to get a checkup every once in a while, at least once a year... not waiting almost 13!!

It is important for us to take care of ourselves!!  We are so busy, especially mothers, taking care of everyone else and never putting ourselves first.  Well, the past month I have been scared into reality of how important that truly is; and wanted to share my experience with you all and ask you to remember to take care of yourself!!