Friday, April 1, 2016

Blissfull Ignorance

Why is it we are blessed with hindsight the older we get? When we are young we make loads of mistakes and hopefully learn from them. Now that I'm older I can look at younger women and see where their lives are headed by the choices they have made. 

Case and point.... One of my nieces is 22 years old, has one child, a high school diploma and works full time. She has recently told me she is pregnant again by the same loser and has waited until she is 6 months along, knows the sex of the baby and then drops the bomb. She didn't tell me because she knew I would lecture her! Really? She says she found out a couple of weeks ago; she was still having her monthly but felt something was off.

When women are young they seem to struggle with their self-worth. This is very apparent to me as an older woman who has already screwed up and made major mistakes. I know that in order to learn you have to make mistakes but it is heart wrenching to watch. I think deep down inside maybe my niece struggles with who she is as a woman and who she wants to be in this life. Of course I don't know this for sure but it seems that way. Why else would you keep messing around with someone who has no regard for your feelings and keeps screwing other women?! He is never going to change, you can't change him, and loving him isn't going to change him. He is a dog!He will continue to sleep with various women because he knows he can. You don't care remember? You are still taking him back over and over again. Until you realize your self-worth and know you have to set boundaries or he will continue to treat you with blatant disregard.