Saturday, February 6, 2016

Superbowl Goodies

Tomorrow is the BIG game and no doubt there will be tons of food at every party!  What will be at yours?   Sometimes we have people over, sometimes we don't, but regardless.. Every year I do a bunch of finger type foods that we can snack on during the game...

"Pigs in a Blanket".. these are pretty simple.  Just the small cocktail weenies wrapped with a half of biscuit and baked til the biscuit is done (about 10 minutes tops).  These are really good and don't take many to fill ya up, well it doesn't for me!

 ... I also take the rest of the cocktail weenies and let them cook in some BBQ sauce in the crock-pot.  Great appetizers!

"Meatballs" .. These are good in my homemade BBQ sauce after they've simmered half the day!

"Chips & Dip".. This is probably at every game day event!!  Right!!??

A deli type tray with different types of deli meats and cheese... with crackers.

Veggie & Fruit Tray 

Chicken Wings (Some BBQ-ed & some Fried)

Sometimes I'll do little sandwiches, but not sure I will do them this year!

... and then my all-time favorite (and my families)  homemade Taco Dip

There is always plenty of finger foods to snack on during game day at our house, what do you have at yours?  What are your favorite Superbowl Goodies??