Saturday, February 6, 2016

Don't do Valentine's Day..

My husband and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day on the 14th anymore because it just isn't the same as it used to be!

In 2007 my father passed away on February 10th and just so happens that the funeral was arranged to be on the 14th, Valentine's Day.  Flowers and candy was the last thing that was on any of our minds that day, and never has it been since.  A day that is now forever remembered as one of the saddest in our lives, the day we laid my daddy to rest!

With everything that was going on at that time, neither of us thought of going out and getting the other a card and/or gifts to celebrate the holiday... understandably!  However, we both know how much the other cares so there is no need for high priced flowers and candy that has been on the shelves for a month.. in my personal opinion!

I had flowers that I had gotten off my fathers spray that was on his casket and some from the different arrangement's that people had sent, and to me that was all I needed on that day... a few things for a keepsake and for comfort after a very sad and devastating day.

With everything seeming like a blur and being so tired from the long weeks that lead up to that horrific day I left the flowers in my husbands truck when we got home after the funeral.

The next day (the 15th) my husband went back to work and I went to be with my mom so that she wouldn't be alone (I was worried about her).  When I left I stopped at the store and grabbed my husband a card and some candy because I wanted him to know that I appreciated and loved him so, and also to tell him how much I treasured him and how he had been my rock through the whole thing.. I don't know how I would have gotten through it all without him, to be honest.

When he arrived home from work and I seen what he had done I felt so loved and blessed to call him mine...

He had stopped at the florist on the way home and gotten me flowers (no surprise), but he had asked the lady to include the flowers I had gotten from the funeral in with the ones that he purchased... and she really really did make a beautiful arrangement with them all!!

With all the sadness there were smiles and a few happy tears that day... Days like that are days that I will never forget!

Valentine's Day is a day that we show the people who are special to us that we care, but shouldn't we do that every day!?

After that year Valentines Day has never been the same and we started celebrating on the 15th instead... after all it doesn't matter what day we celebrate because we try to show our love and thankfulness of each other all year round!