Tuesday, February 2, 2016

My Older Sister

My sister, Lois, is older than me by three years. I have always looked up to her because she has charisma and has always been able to talk to anyone. When we were kids she kind of raised me and our little brother for a while. Our birth mom would leave us home by ourselves and my sister would look after us. She was 6, I was 3, and our brother 1. The reason I mention this is because having to take on adult responsibilities at such a young age changed her. Eventually our Dad won custody and our birth mom faded into the background. She didn't fight for us and deep down I think all three of us know that and it stings a bit. Then we had to contend with other bull shit but that's a story for another day. 

Lois has had a rough life. She hasn't always made the best choices but her heart was in the right place. Over the years her weight has become a real problem for her though she never seemed to mind. My sister weighs over 300 pounds but guess what? She is going to the gym now with no prompting from anyone other than wanting to get healthy and get in shape. You know this cannot be easy for her but she is doing it. She has told me about how she is going to sit down with a personal trainer so she can tighten up while she is losing and really gain an understanding on how to lose weight and keep it off. My brother has gotten a jump start on her, he has lost 30 pounds already but his weight loss is a motivating factor for my sister and for me. 

I have done this before. Tried to lose weight and not really put much effort into it but I am really going to try because if my sister, who has never set foot in a gym, but is trying to turn her life around, can do it, then I can get off my lazy bum and do it too. I might randomly blog about me but I really want to blog about her and what she is accomplishing. We have been begging her for years to get her weight under control and she is finally taking steps to doing that before it really is too late.  

To my sister..............