Friday, January 29, 2016

A Sudden Health Kick

My husband is on a health kick... this can't be good ! ((LOL))

A couple of days ago, out of the blue, my husband says "I'm Fat".   I asked him what in the world triggered the statement because he came from left field, and he isn't fat!  Yes.. He's put on about 45 pounds since he quit smoking a few years ago, but he is still under 200 (getting close, but still under lol).  This is the heaviest he has ever been in his life and he said that lately he can tell the weight is really affecting him, he gets out of breath sooner than he used to and isn't as capable of doing as many things as he used to.

A few short minutes after he made his "FAT" comment he called my mom to see if she still had her exercise bike that she is trying to sell.. and she did, so he asked if he could use it.  He hung up the phone, walked out the door, and a few minutes later returned with the exercise bike!  He carried it inside and got right on it... road it for about 20 minutes!  He's a man on a mission!

Yesterday I got home from work and he explained how he had only drank water and ate salads ALL day.. if you knew him you would know that this is HUGE because he drinks a lot of soda and eats junk-food like it is going out of style!! (LOL)  What is going on with him, I thought; but told him Great Job!  At dinner he said I had to cook something healthy...  So, we grilled some boneless-skinless chicken.

This morning he gets up and gets on the scale.. and he has lost 5 pounds in 3 days!  I'm so proud of him!!  Wish I could be so motivated all at once and get the job done so quickly!

At dinner tonight we had salads with what was left of the grilled chicken cut up into them and I have to say that they were really good; so, I guess I'm gonna be on a health kick to and start to finally get motivated because of his sudden health kick!

Wish us luck!!!