Friday, February 19, 2016

Mandatory Insurance

We're supposed to live in a FREE Country... Bull SH**!!  I think that there are points and reasons why we all should have some type of health insurance; however, making it mandatory is the governments way of controlling us (just my personal opinion)!

When I don't feel well, I suck it up and and deal with it!  I don't go running to the ER when I have a cold or a little ache.  The only time I go or take one of my children is when it is a EMERGENCY!  Yet, there are always tons of people in there laughing, talking on their phones, and acting like they don't need to be there.

AND When you get the bill it's always ridiculous!  A while back (about 3 1/2 years ago) I visited the ER because I had a MAJOR migraine and my chest was hurting.  I was there over 4 hours and only seen a doctor for 10 minutes out of the whole visit.  Later I received a bill for almost $5000!!  Nonsense!!  As a few weeks went by I started to receive individual bills from each department.. the lab, X-ray, for tests, and the doctor himself... all amounting to not quite $500; so, I wonder where the remaining $4500 in charges are!?

My job does not offer health insurance and my husband is self employed; so, neither of us have had any.  When the Obama Care stuff started being discussed I went online to get a quote because I would like to have coverage, but I live paycheck to paycheck with VERY LITTLE left after major bills.  The rate I was quoted wasn't horrible; however, it also was not affordable.. after all I have to feed my family, not spend my grocery money on insurance.  Therefore, when we filed in 2015 we were penalized at tax time due to not being covered.. $195 wasn't too bad, but it was money that I could have put into things that my family needed!

In 2015 neither my husband or I went to the doctor (even though I wanted to a few times) and when we filed this year we were penalized $650!!  This year, I was pissed!!  I mean, as I stated in the beginning,  I understand why it's important to have; but shouldn't it be my choice??!!!

According to last years predicament, if I did not sign up and stay covered in 2016 when I do my taxes in 2017 I will then be penalized $2600... which means that the IRS would take all of my refund and I would then owe for not being covered... This is Bull Shit in my opinion!!!  Therefore, I signed up for coverage back in November and now other bills are having to go unpaid; and my credit will now suffer!  You can't win for losing!

I think that instead of the government trying to make us HAVE TO SIGN UP they should focus more on making medical professionals bill more reasonably and insurance companies offer more sensible rates... just my opinion, but I would love to hear yours!?

The fault also rest on the hands of people who take advantage of insurance going to the doctor with every little ache and those who go when nothing is wrong just to avoid work or responsibilities!!  This makes it worse on everyone else!

Mandatory health insurance is a violation of my rights to choose, in my opinion!  I think that the whole thing needs to be reevaluated and changes made so that the every day American isn't being penalized for the ridiculous prices of health care in this country!

Sorry for the rant, but what little bit of money that I get at the end of the year is to help me get back on track, makes household repairs that are much needed, and stock my freezer to feed my family so that I don't have to quit my job and live off the government... like so many people seem to do these days!!  Therefore, when they take $650 of that money and make me put myself in a financial bind in order to have coverage, it pisses me off!!

This is just one persons opinion, that is in a little bit of a pissed off mood at the moment, BUT I would love to hear what you think... Please, share your thoughts & join the conversation!