Thursday, January 28, 2016


Dear Roland, 

I miss you so much and I think of you everyday. I can still hear your laugh, and feel your breath on my neck. Your ego was huge and I know you would love that I still think of you. Sometimes my heart longs for you because you were a dear friend and still are even though you have passed away. 

I am so happy that the last few years of your life you were happy and you were trying to have a family with your wife. 

I am happy that you are intertwined with my childhood, because when I think of being 14 you are there, looking at me across the table with those eyes that were so blue. Or coming by the house in our early 20's and hanging out and watching Star Trek....I hated that show by the way and remember telling you so and you of course made a joke about how Captain Kirk got all the babes. 

I remember your laugh and how you loved to pick and joke and how you had a nickname for everybody. 

I wish you could have met my boys. They are a riot and my Robert could rival your humor on any given day. 

I miss you.............................................................

August 20, 1974 - January 29, 2002