Wednesday, December 2, 2015


When bad things happen, we ask "Why"?  I found myself doing that today; and in the past I have as well.  One of my closest friends called last night to tell me that her baby sister had died.  I still find myself wondering why, even tonight.  It's hard to understand how someone so young can be taken away at a moments notice, they still have so much life ahead of them!!

As I scrolled through Facebook after work, everyone had found out about this tragedy and were sharing their condolences.. I wonder if this is good for the family or bad!?  We were't that close (her sister & I are), but I find it overwhelming.. to say the least. All the messages and so on, I know her families inboxes are being blown up and I can only imagine how hard it could be; yet, how comforting it could be as well.

We ask, why? and we try to cope the best we can to make it through the difficult times that we face.  I've always liked to write; therefore, I find it comforting to write things down or write letters when I need to express things to someone.  When my dad passed, I found myself writing him a letter  telling him everything I wanted to say (which was put into his casket).  Somehow it helped just to express myself and get those feelings out!

As I was scrolling down Facebook, about to log off, I came upon a story that really made me think about how life truly does seem to come full circle sometimes.  Do these things that we ask "why?" about truly happen for a reason.... as everyone says.  In our time of hurt we can never see these things, but later on in life we may realize how those events/tragedies changed our lives or the path we were going!?

It's weird that I came across this post, today of all days.  It was about a mother who's son had died, 21, he was training with the State Patrol and got struck and killed.  They were really close and texted a lot; so , after he died she would text him.  I guess this was her way of talking to him.

One day, surprisingly, she received a text back!  Apparently the number had been given to someone else, as numbers do.

The person on the other end, with her sons number, just happened to be a Veteran Officer that lived in the county her son had been killed in.  WOW!  (I got chills)  He offered to change his number, but she thought it was fate; and continues to text him every now and again to tell him to stay safe!!

*You can read the whole story at

This is such a great story of hope and life coming together after tragedy.  BUT, Is it fate?  I think so!

I'm not real sure where I was planning to go with this post, I just know that somehow this story and all the kind words I've read today make me think of many things in life; and know that even with tragedy can come comfort in some way.   I wonder if the mother in that story ever wondered "why" the Veteran Officer ended up with her sons number out of all the other possible numbers that he could have gotten... but I also think she's glad it worked out the way it did afterwards.  I'm sure her son's watching over her & glad it happened as well (if you believe in things like that-just a personal hope).

I don't think there will ever be an end to wondering "why" things happen the way they do; especially, when they are tragic.  However, finding ways that will help us get through them is always an answer.  If not, we dwell on things until we find ourselves in a dark place that we may never get out of.

Write a letter, talk to a friend or someone (even if that person is gone),  text... no matter what it may be, do it!  Don't continue to ask "Why?" year after year.  Live life to the fullest as your loved one who has gone would have wanted you to (if that is your tragedy).

Wishing you all a happy & safe day! :)