Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Revolution In The Autism Community

There is no "set" road in front of me when it comes to my son that is on the autism spectrum and his education. Most of the time I feel like I am failing him on a daily basis. Does anybody else feel that way? I am ready to start a revolution! Who is with me? 

There are great programs, great blogs and all kinds of free information on the internet regarding autism. Finding something that works for my child is frustrating. I cannot afford to put him in a private school, I cannot afford to home school him, I cannot afford to have him get lost in the public education school system. That is what is happening though. He is getting pushed ahead into the next grade when he hasn't really even grasped what was going on in the grade he was in. My son reads on a second grade level. What can I do to ensure his survival into adulthood if he is eleven years old but reads on a 7 year old level? 

I have contacted Autism Speaks and tried connecting with others but my attempts have failed there as well. What good is this organization that is for autistic children if the services that are offered or whatever reaches only the kids in certain counties in this state? I have reached out to the TEACCH organization, and I did get a phone call but the person just gave me more numbers or more research to do myself. I feel like he is slipping through the cracks of society and there isn't anything I can do about it. Do you know what I say to my son? I am very blunt with him. I look him in the eyes and tell him that there are four things you need to know how to do in this world and that's: Read, write, do math and make change because if someone can screw you over on your money they will. 

There are camps that autistic children can go to but once again these things aren't free. I DO NOT EXPECT THEM TO BE FREE. Sometimes I really want somebody to hand me a booklet with the ins and outs explained to me so I don't feel like I am banging my head against a wall! The services from these organizations reach the more wealthy counties in the state of North Carolina. I have seriously been thinking about moving to Wake County, North Carolina because of the different programs offered there. I shouldn't have to relocate my whole family to be able to be pointed in the right direction. What can I do? How do I start a revolution? How? Is there anybody out there that feels this way? What are the obstacles other parents are facing?