Monday, November 9, 2015


Ok everyone, I have a question for you all about punishment!

A while back I wrote a post, "Do You Teach Your lil Girls To Fight" where I explained how I really didn't like the idea of my girls being taught to fight, but my husband differed.  In this post I explained how my husband had told our girls that if someone hit them that they BETTER hit them back...

Well, today that happened!!  So, my question to you all is what should her punishment be, if anything??

She didn't pass the first lick.  The little BOY  was picking on her along with another kid, she told him to leave her alone, and he hit her in the back of her head (yeah a little boy who should know better than to put his hands on a little girl).  Then she did as her daddy told her... turned around and hit him back!  He hit her again so she kicked him and then some more licks were thrown as well.

Can we really punish her for doing what she was told?  For defending herself?  I'm so conflicted on this because even though she did right in so many ways, she still got into trouble at school and I feel there has to be some sort of at-home punishment!

What are your thoughts... Should she be punished (other than her 3 day suspension)?  If so, what should it be?