Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 7: Weigh-In

I didn't get a chance to post my weigh-in last week (things have been somewhat hectic lately), but I was down to 183.6 (YAY).  However, this morning when I stepped on the scale for my week #7 weigh-in, things had changed!!!  Back up to 186.. 

I'm not sure if this is correct since I twisted my knee on Friday and it is severely swollen still... I think I'm ok thinking that this gain could be from it, but I could be wrong!!  I guess I really won't know until it goes down and I weigh again! 

I have been slacking these past few weeks, not exercising yet, and not really adding water to my daily intake.. However, I have been trying really hard to eat more than once a day and it seems to be helping.  I have been losing a little along and I've been ok with that thus far... 

However, this week I hope to step things up and get serious!  I know exercise is definitely out of the plan.  I don't want to take no chances on hurting this knee more than it already is! But adding water and cutting some soda is a start to a healthier/smaller me!!