Monday, November 16, 2015

Hysterectomy Blues (Very Graphic)

I have been having several issues since my hysterectomy that nobody sufficiently warned me about. I have been completely miserable and suffering silently because I feel like nobody wants to hear about what I have been going through. (Woe is me, boo hoo) So I am going to share this all with the blogging world and pretty much gross all of you out to the point that you will wearily click on my post and say to yourself, " I sure hope she hasn't written about that hysterectomy and her gross bodily functions for the thousandth time". 

Number 1 - You will suffer with painful constipation. I have never had this problem with the intensity that I suffer with it now. Miralax has become my new best friend. I had my gallbladder taken out years ago and had gotten used to "dumping syndrome" now to have the exact opposite of that happening. It has been so bad that my back and sides were hurting and one day I came home from work having intense pain and decided enough was enough. Now I am taking Miralax every other day to stay ahead of the problem. I know, gross but true. I am still having some issues with this and if it keeps on I am going to go to the Doctor.

Number 2 - Sometimes I randomly cry and it's not as bad as it was in the beginning. I feel like in most areas the healing has taken place and I am getting back to myself again. I joked with the Doctor at my post op about why was I crying when my ovaries were still intact. He laughed and told me it was normal to cry or be sad after having a hysterectomy but it wouldn't last and as my body was healing and I was able to do more that my emotions would even out. He was right, I'm not as teary now and that is great. 

Number 3 - Bladder Spasms are not pleasant either. The pelvic floor muscles are weak after that kind of surgery so you have to do kegel exercises to get that under control. It's not as bad as it sounds. You basically have to retrain you bladder so you can hold your urine longer and not pee every thirty minutes...hence bladder spasms. I'm doing okay in this department now because another key to that area healing is drink a lot of water and laying off the caffeine because caffeine aggravates the problem. Go figure.

All in all these issues are helping with diet and exercise because every time that I eat now I feel very full. I am struggling though to get back to what normal is for me. Walking is working out very well for me, it is easy and low impact and I am trying to eat right. I guess I thought I would be healed in a week and it takes a while for the body to bounce back from this type of surgery for some people.