Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Creative Tuesday

How are you creative?  There are so many ways one can be creative, and I never realized the depth of that until the internet.  I have found ways that inspired my creativity beyond my beliefs, and learned so many things.  Learning something new & fun is always a Bonus, Right?!

I thought it may be fun to share a few different things that I have found or like to do that I consider creative... and maybe some of you will share fun things that you have grown to love along you way, too!!  What'cha think??

A few weeks ago I shared a post, "Bringing Your Creation To Life" which was focused on one of my favorite, FREE, 3D Software programs ... Daz 3D.  This site has changed so much since I started playing with it.  There are so many talented designers there.. one day I dream of being one of them!  If you love animation or anything to do with creating characters, scenes, etc. make sure to check it out (www.daz3d.com) and share your stuff with us, we'd love to see it!!

Another great program that I have really enjoyed (haven't downloaded to the new computer yet, and I miss it) is MyMemories Suite... I downloaded this a while back and tried giving a free copy away on another one of my blogs.

MyMemories  Suite allows to you do all types of fun things with photos, like creating scrapbook type pages, objects, and even slide show books for your memories.  There are tons of creative people here that have complete page themes and objects for just about any project that you can think of (some free and others for low costs); and if you can't find it or don't wanna use what's available you can create your own!!   How cool is that!!  I love scrapbooking so this software was awesome in my opinion... especially since it took the basic scrapbooking to a whole new level with more ability to get creative with animations and awesome 3D graphics.

I also found countless ideas for creative gifts along the way... this was so FUN!!!  I love giving gifts from the heart, creative gifts, and personalized gifts as well.  I think that gifts such as these mean so much more to most people; but I could be wrong!!  I learned how to create...

  • Window & Wall vinyl Designs; which I have done many of as gifts for friends and even made a few $$ too!
  • How to Etch Glass; which I decided to personalize some glasses for a couple getting married as a gift. ((Turned out Awesome))
  • How to make a diaper-cake ((many of them)), which I get another request almost every time I make one!!  *Which I will be doing this week!!  ((My Diaper-Cakes))

There are so many ways to be creative, here are just a few that I have enjoyed!  What are your favorites???